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Oncology Nursing in Practice (ONiP) eLearning platform is independent and free-to-access. It is specifically designed for you, as an Oncology Nurse, to access any time to improve your patient’s treatment journey.

E-learning modules are developed by a specialist nurse faculty and include pre-reading resources and an engaging, interactive interface.

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Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors

Providing nurses with knowledge about the role of tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy in thyroid cancer treatment


Diagnosis and Management of Thyroid Cancer

Providing nurses with knowledge of best practices for the optimal diagnosis and management of patients with thyroid cancer


Introduction to Thyroid Cancer

An introduction to the basic epidemiology and pathophysiology of thyroid cancer in adults


Optimising Care for Patients with AML

Providing nurses with knowledge of best practices for the optimal management of patients with AML


Accredited e-Learning

Each of our ONiP eLearning modules are accredited by the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Nursing (RCN).
The RCN cannot confirm the competence of any practitioner.

“It’s very important as a nurse to demonstrate that you have kept your education practice up-to-date, so to be able to access a module that’s accredited is a really important thing. It also helps when you re-register as a nurse.”

– Jackie Fenemore, Lung Nurse Specialist at the Christie Hospital Foundation Trust

Survey results

See the day-to-day challenges oncology nurses face and how we have addressed them in our e-Learning.
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Lung Cancer Nursing UK (LCNUK) supports our eLearning modules in lung cancer.
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